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Frequently Asked Questions


Before putting on a belt

Check the function of your lock.

Even after all our and your precautions, the keys could be lost, damaged or exchanged. If you are going to wear the belt for a longer period, grease the tube with your preferred grease. We have good experiences with baby-ointments containing zinc-oxide, but vaseline will do great too. Do not use baby-oil. This could damage the lining.

After a toilet-visit

Make everything as clean as your can, preferably rinse the tube with water. Always clean the string as best as you can. Use a rubber bulb or a glass of water to clean everything as thorough as you can.


For all types of belts the wearer should bathe/ shower or wash regularly. Daily washing of the tube is advised.

At necessity

For prolonged wear, your preferred grease (e.g. Vaseline) might be injected trough the perforations, using a syringe -without needle- once in a while. Apply a piece of adhesive tape over the holes until the grease is dispersed properly. For men, this will work best over night, because the nightly activity will disperse very well.

About monthly

Oiling, pour 1 drip of special lock-oil into the key hole of each padlock.

About every 6 months

Put a very tiny drop of fine oil onto the hinge-joints to avoid -unlikely- noises.

Historical hygiene problems

During the middle ages, there were several testimonies of people -generally women- who did not survive the forced wear of the chastity belt. There are three main reasons.

First, in those eras, stainless steel was not available. Copper, brass or steel are not suited for making belts, for these are poisonous due to their natural oxidation.

A second problem for ancient belt makers was the fit. Due to their limited possibilities in metalworking, the belt had to be be much bigger, say bulky to suit the needs. In the same way, the openings for sanitary needs were reduced to a minimum to keep effective, but made defecation quite a messy business. Where the belt-edges cut the body, an infection was easy. If no suitable treatment was applied, the wearer would surely die.

Third big problem of these days, and in conjunction with the second problem, the hygienic norms where not like now. Bathing was a thing you did when the smell became unbearable, and this about every few weeks.

Conclusion: Hygiene is a very important point for chastity belt wearers!



What's it for

Chastity belts are in my opinion erotic playthings, a consensual proof of fidelity or a protection against rape. Other uses are not envisioned when designing these objects.

Well being

One should be very conscious when applying a belt to someone who does not feel well. A chastity belt can become rather bothersome when feeling sick.

Sauna or Turkish baths

Allthough our belts have a stunning look on parties etc, care should be taken when using in sauna or Turkish bath. The temperature of the surface can burn someone else when leaving the cabin. Besides this, some synthetic parts might deform, age or unglue.


Look also after local rules where you are using your belt in public or outdoors. Some countries have different views on this, with sometimes nasty results!


It is not recommended to wear belts with incorporated locks (Heavy, Carrara) during swimming in dirty or sandy water, or on the beach. Sand could penetrate the lock and make it stuck. Other locking systems have the same problem, but the padlock of those models might be cut away and replaced in case of emergency.

Still want to go swim?

If you still want to go swimming or to the beach, first cover the key hole with mastic or very good quality tape. After your nice outing, first take a thorough shower to rinse-out all sand from the lock before removing the tape or mastic. Eventually remove the belt for washing out all the sand which sticks inside the protector and the grease (will feel like sanding paper all day!)


We make these belts for you on your given sizes. If these sizes are incorrect, the belt will not fit properly, In this case, we can not be responsibly for the right fit. Eventual changes will be done for a very reasonable price plus shipping (Please ask for estimation.) If we take the size ourselves, it is also clear we take material- and work hours for our account, only shipping will be charged. See measurements to learn how to take measurements or how to get measured by us in our workshop.

We create these belts on your request. We consider the chastity belt as an erotic plaything, or as a consensual wear. We never promote the forced wear of the belt by someone who does not like or want this. We wish to emphasize the fact that we don’t promote the use of chastity belts on minors.

We feel as likely, however not necessary to give a spare key in a sealed envelope to the wearer. In one rare occasion of accident or sickness, the belt might become bothersome instantly!

Be reasonable in point of wearing time! Like already mentioned, you can not put a belt on someone’s body if he/she does not agree with it.

We are all healthy and comprehensive people, and must understand that an extended/forced abstention for male wearers might result in an atrophy of the semen production. In case of a sexual active man, an emission will take place regularly and uncontrolled. If not, I feel it likely that an emission has to be activated every 2 to 4 weeks, even if there is no real drive. I do not have yet negative reporting on this, but a definitive end of the semen production might be the utter result.

For ladies, this problem does not occur. In my opinion, the time between the periods is about the limit, point of view of hygiene. Women are very vulnerable for vaginal infections, and thus have to keep the hygiene very serious.

Considering the fact that we do not have control over your health, use and circumstances under which the belt was applied, we can not take any responsibility for eventual side-effects of chastity belt wearing.

At the other hand, we would be glad if you could inform me on effects you might encounter. This to inform other chastity belt enthousiasts.


We are certainly not responsible for lost keys. Every lock on every belt has 2 (two) keys, delivered from the manufacturer. I do NOT have copies and can also not provide copies.

The blanks are only available by the manufacturer, and I do not carry this service. This to exclude all discussions.

Technical alterations and improvements are always possible.



All belts are handcrafted. They are made in our own workshop. We cut, weld, polish, sand and/or bend the steel until everything is in place. Then we apply the linings and make sure everything works fine.


It takes a long time for us to manufacture one belt. We don't want to make the process easier by compromising our design. That would only cause problems for the wearers or make it less durable.

Not a business

We do this because we want to share our chastity experiences with other enthousiast. We started only because we were not satisfied with what was already out there. This means we charge you a very moderate fee for our work and the materials.

We are a business, but we cannot make a living out of it. So we are making these belts in our spare time, just for you!

Delivery times

We like working on the steel in our workshop to provide others with the best chastity-experience out there. Although it is fun for us, we cannot spend every waking hour outside our job in the workshop. We will do our best to make sure you get your order in a reasonable amount of time, but if we get several orders at a time, delivery times shoot up easily to 6 weeks. We WILL deliver, but bear with us if orders come in in larger numbers.


We only use the best neoprene liners, coatings and stainless steel for our products. Not to make them more expensive, but to make a comfortable and durable item. We were not satisfied with the quality of other products which made us start this offering in the first place. This makes sure we can be proud of our work and make you a satisfied customer. Please note that if something does not fit well, breaks or is not up to par, we are happy to make adjustments.

How to bend: video